Welcome To Mission Work in Piura PERU


Dedicados Serviento Al Peru is a mission work organization revoted to help improve the quality of life among the poor and needy peoples of this world.  It’s Canadian sister program “Feeding Piura Peru’s Community” is a non-profit ministry dedicated to raise and allocate 100% of the funding required to bring dental and medical services along with housing, daycare, education and Christian Worship to the needy people of this area just 120 kilometres from the boarded with Ecuador. 

We invite you to come, visit and be a part of a mission work making a great difference in the lives of many people lacking all the necessities we in north America take for granted. You can become involved in building projects such as daycare facilities, schools, much needed housing and general community infrastructure.  If you have medical or dental practise, you can be  part of a mission trip providing people who have never been to a dentist or doctor in their lives.

Come, help build a house, drill a well, teach an English class, lead a Bible Study, show how to use tools, help teach young people how to sew, teach them how to build, show how to use computers, play music, organize sports activities, face paint, become a clown and entertain children or many more creative enterprises you have experience with in your skill set.  Become a part of something much bigger than yourself & be a part of reaching out to these precious people of Peru. You will be Blessed!

Feeding and Helping

Dedicado Serviento Al Peru is a non-profit mission helping the poor of Piura, Peru and other nearby communities in the northern region. Click on the pictures for the full story and pray for the poor people of Peru.  You can make a difference in the lives of wonderful yet needy people.